OTE Group sweeps region’s top awards for LG AC business

LG Electronics Gulf recently presented OTE Group with region’s top sales awards for improving business and achieving best sales figures during the year in Air conditioning business for both in Residential and Commercial segments. The award was presented by Mr. Jaewon Yu, General Manager, Air Solutions, LGEGF on behalf of Mr. Hong Ju Jeon, President LG Electronics Gulf FZE to the senior management of OTE Group in the presence of other officials from LG Electronics and OTE Group.

LG ACs are stylishly innovative Air Conditioners and offer best cooling experience and has a wide range of ACs that are best suited especially for the hot climate and benefits customers by saving on the energy consumption. LG DUALCOOL INVERTER ACs also complies with the stringent Oman Energy Efficiency Regulation.

The advanced Tropical Inverter Compressor gives the LG DUALCOOL air conditioners improved durability, allowing them to perform well in hot climates, without compromising on comfort or energy consumption. Thanks to this technological marvel, Oman residents can benefit from 65 percent higher energy savings than conventional compressors, meaning they get the best possible performance out of their DUALCOOL Inverter ACs without having to worry about their electricity bills, thus making it easier for home AC customers as well as Engineers, Contractors and Developers to achieve their Environmental Objective as well as reduce their overall operating costs.

LG DUALCOOL AC solutions maximize performance, providing up to 60 per cent faster cooling and 20 per cent more cooling intensity. Compressors on typical air conditioners turn on and off to adjust temperature, resulting in a large consumption of energy. LG’s AC systems each feature an Inverter Compressor – adjusting speed to maintain desired temperature levels. This minimizes temperature fluctuation, conserves energy and provides a greater level of cooling comfort.

DUALCOOL AC solutions can work in climates of up to 65ºC. As a result, Dual Inverter Compressors come with a 10-year warranty, enabling users to enjoy the benefits of LG DUALCOOL technology for longer periods of time. In addition, LG DUALCOOL systems boast superior cooling speeds, achieving a set temperature up to 60 percent faster than conventional models, even at high ambient temperature.

LG’s innovative DUALCOOL air conditioners boast additional features, such as ‘Smart Diagnosis’, which offers set up and installation assistance, troubleshooting, and access to a wealth of information from the convenience of the user’s smartphone via a SIMs module.

‘Comfort Sleep’, also helps provide a relaxing environment with the simple click of a button. Users can modify their air conditioner’s schedule, for it to operate automatically using three different functions: indirect airflow, 7 hours off time set or soft wind and sleep time logic. DUALCOOL air conditioners also operate at low sound levels, due to a skew fan design, which eliminates unnecessary noise and allows for smooth operation. Unique 4Way Swing functionality blows air quickly and efficiently into a range of directions, ensuring that cool air is delivered to every corner of the room.

DUALCOOL ACs feature an Auto Cleaning function, which prevents bacteria and mould from forming on the heat exchange to maintain a pleasant environment. A Dual Protection Filter contributes towards the creation of a more hygienic space, capturing dust particles and bacteria to avoid it being recirculated into the home.

With the introduction of its DUALCOOL AC solutions, LG believes it can help consumers in Oman consume less energy and save money in terms of operating expenses. Crucially, DUALCOOL air conditioners also enable users to live in a more sustainable way and reduce their impact on the environment. With durability and convenience in mind, LG DUALCOOL solutions can provide a smarter and more enjoyable way of living for years to come.

Equipped with the most durable and innovative technology available, the LG DUALCOOL inverter air conditioner is available at all leading Retail and Dealer stores as well as OTE Group showrooms across Oman. Key features of the LG ACs include Comfort Sleep, Comfort Air, Dual Protection Filter, Quiet Cooling, Auto Cleaning, and Smart Display whereby users can check the status of the air conditioner more easily.

OTE Group is the exclusive distributor of LG’s range of electronics, home appliances and air conditioners in Oman with nationwide network of showrooms and service facilities. OTE group ensures that LG customers are never far from getting a wide range of high quality products and after sales service.