Chevrolet’s compact crossover is the perfect vehicle for mothers and here are five reason why

For mothers the safety and comfort of their children is paramount. Chevrolet understands this and has thoughtfully packed its Equinox compact crossover with cutting-edge technologies and features that every mother needs to know about.

1) IT CAN SENSE DANGER BEFORE YOU SEE IT: With a suite of active safety technologies, the Equinox identifies potentially dangerous situations staying a few steps ahead of you to keep you and your family safe. Armed with a host of radars, sensors and cameras, the Equinox constantly scans the surroundings to warn you of any impending peril. Features such as Lane Keep Assist ensure you don’t accidentally drift out of your lane, while Forward Collision Alert scans the road ahead to warn you of a possible accident, should you not be able to detect this. It will even brake for you at low speeds to reduce the severity of a collision and in certain cases even avoid it. Your bundles of joy will be fully protected in this Chevrolet.

2) IT REMINDS YOU TO CHECK THE REAR SEATS: The danger of leaving children in a parked car cannot be overstated. In a hot vehicle, the consequences of doing so can be potentially lethal. With its segment-first Rear Seat Reminder, the Equinox will prompt you to check the back seats every time you park, when certain pre-conditions are met. This means you will never forget anything in the back, but more importantly it will remind you to take your children out every time you park.

3) IT COMES WITH LATCH AS STANDARD: Children are safest in the rear seat and in a child seat that’s right for them. However, fitting a child seat in certain cars can be a chore - not in the Equinox. The Chevrolet crossover comes standard with the LATCH system, which makes setting up a child seat securely a matter of a few clicks. No more messing about with seat belts for you!

4) REVERSING HAS NEVER BEEN SAFER: Parking in school zones can be a challenge, and reversing out of a parking bay can be potentially dangerous should you fail to spot another vehicle passing behind you during school runs. The Equinox takes care of this problem with its available Rear Cross Traffic Alert system. The computers can sense an oncoming vehicle and warns you through audible and visual warnings. Its segment exclusive Safety Seats also vibrate in the direction the car behind you might be coming from, so you’re sure not to miss the signals.

5) IT’S POWERFUL YET EFFICIENT: The Equinox Premier’s 2.0L I4 engine is turbocharged to deliver 252 horsepower for brisk acceleration and yet it delivers a frugal fuel consumption of 13.6 Km/L, making it one of the most economical cars in its class. The available all-wheel drive system also enhances safety by providing better traction and grip. However, the intelligent AWD system can sense when the extra grip isn’t required and decouples the rear axle to save petrol. In essence, the Equinox is the perfect car for mothers.