Brains with Brawn: Cutting-edge technology meets performance in 2018 Tahoe

Chevrolet’s full-size SUV offers all the intelligent tech features of a modern vehicle while retaining its ruggedness and brawn

The Chevrolet Tahoe’s legendary on- and off-road capabilities have made it one of the most loved large SUVs in the region. For 2018, the iconic model boasts an increased breadth of technological capabilities and advanced safety features that complement the performance of its 5.3L EcoTec3 V-8 engine.

As a family SUV that can carry as many as nine passengers, safety was paramount for Chevrolet engineers when building the 2018 Tahoe. With as many as 11 available active safety features, including a host of cameras, radars and sensors, the 2018 Tahoe monitors the surroundings of the vehicle in real-time, scanning for potentially dangerous situations and actively preventing collisions by warning the driver ahead of time and even intervening if they fail to respond.

The 2018 Tahoe has several available features that help keep occupants safe in the event of a potential forward collision. Starting with Adaptive Cruise Control, which allows the driver to automatically follow a vehicle ahead at a selected following gap; the system can brake and accelerate automatically to maintain a pre-set safe distance at all times. The available Forward Automatic Braking system takes things a step further and applies the brakes if the system determines a front-end collision is imminent with a detected vehicle ahead. The system can help reduce the collision’s severity and potentially even altogether avoid it at very low speeds.

Another available feature that warns the driver in advance of a potential danger is Forward Collision Alert. The system can help identify vehicles ahead and warn the driver if they are on collision course or are driving too close to the vehicle in front.

Naturally, there are a suite of available features that monitor the rear of the vehicle, too. For instance, Rear Cross Traffic Alert makes reversing out of a parking bay safer by warning the driver if the system detects an approaching vehicle. Other features that make progress safer include Front and Rear Park Assist, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, Safety Alert Driver Seat, Intellibeam Headlamps and Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert. Rear Vision Camera is also standard across all models.

Being a family SUV, the 2018 Tahoe is also loaded with a host of connectivity features and entertainment technologies. Powered by Chevrolet’s award-winning Chevrolet Infotainment system, the 2018 Tahoe features Apple CarPlay as standard, allowing users to carry out tasks such as music streaming, making phone calls and sending text messages with simple voice commands. Also available, is Rear-Seat Blu-ray®, with HDMI connection and Wi-Fi to ensure back-seat passengers are entertained and that there are no “Are we there yet?” moments during long drives with the kids.

Despite a bouquet of sophisticated technology, the 2018 Tahoe hasn’t compromised on its hallmark brawn. The standard 5.3L V-8 churns out 355 horsepower and 520 Nm of torque while returning a frugal highway economy of 10.3 Km/L, making it one of the most efficient full-size SUVs on the market.

Despite its substantial dimensions, the 2018 Tahoe is remarkably poised around corners. Thanks to the Corvette-inspired Magnetic Ride Control suspension available on Tahoe Premier and standard on the 400 hp, 6.2L V-8-powered Tahoe RST, the vehicle can read the road surface up to 1,000 times a second and adjust the damping accordingly in as little as 10 to 15 milliseconds.

The Tahoe’s off-road capability is the stuff of legends, and the 2018 iteration continues that trend. With its available Z71 package the Tahoe will dominate the biggest of dunes and the most daunting of wadi passes with ease. Furthermore, when properly equipped the Tahoe can tow up to 3,858 Kg – that’s more than adequate to haul jet skis, quad bikes or medium sized boats. All the while retaining exemplary ride comfort and refinement to ensure smooth progress.

All in all, be it around town or in the great outdoors, the 2018 Tahoe mixes the rough with the smooth and brains with brawn.