Service Network

At the foremost , we thank you for selecting products from OTE for your requirements .At OTE it has always been our endeavor  to be near to our customers and provide world class products and services.

Please feel free to call us on our Toll Free number to register your service requirements.   

Toll Free Number : 80075545 

Board Line Number(5 lines) : 24810522

a)    EHA Service Center,
       Opp- Shanfari Printing Press,
       Wadi Kabir,
       Tel 24810522 fax 24811748
       Toll Free 80075545..Email :
   b)  EHA Service Center,
        Behind- Isuzu/Hyundai Showroom,
        Saniya Salalah
        Tel/ Fax - 23210648
    c) EHA Service Center
        Near- Hyundai/ Issuzu showrooms
        Ghail Al Shibul - Sohar
        Tel – 26840960 Fax 26844456

    d)  EHA Service Center
         Near LG showroom – Souq Street
         Nizwa Tel - 25412471