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Equipped witha new heater and a full stainless steel tub, LG’s Top Loaders deliver

 hygienic washing results and greaterconvenience.

MUSCAT LG Electronics (LG) has recently launched the latest big capacity top-loading washing machines in Oman. The Sapience washing machine is equipped withpowerful heater that enable warm washing for hygienic cleaning results.

EnhancedHygiene with Powerful Heater

Thehygiene-enhancing capabilities of LG’s latest top loaders are largely due tothe high performance heater. Equipped inside the full stainless steel tub, theheater increases the water temperature up to 60 degrees Celsius, creating awarm wash for more effective cleaning.

Withthe stain care course, the internal temperature of the washer is raised to 40degrees Celsius for effective stain removal. Meanwhile, the allergy care courseemploys 60    degree heat to eliminate allergy-causinggerms and bacteria from clothing. Also equipped is an innovative steamfunction, a first in the top-loading washing machine industry, which rapidlyincreases and maintains the temperature of the internal tub,      furtherenhancing washing results.

LG’snew top loaders are also the only top-loading washing machines to use theheater to hygienically clean the washing tub1. Used in LG’s TubClean+, the heater raises the  internaltemperature to 60 degrees Celsius, helping to reduce dirt and germs inside of thewashing machine. Tested by Intertek, LG’s Tub Clean+ course makes it 99.99  percent2 effective at sterilizingthe washer tub. Furthermore, the full stainless steel tub    resultsin up to 90 percent3 less bacteria growth than a conventionalplastic washer tub. It has also been tested by Intertek for its ability tolimit bacteria growth.

IncreasedWashing Performance with 6 Motion Technology

LG’sInverter Direct Drive motor uses a precise control system to enable itsproprietary 6 Motion technology to work efficiently. Backed by a 10-yearwarranty, the Inverter Direct Drive also provides quiet, reliable operation.Each wash cycle combines up to six different wash motions including wave force,agitating, rubbing, compressing, rotating and swing to deliver revolutionarywashing results while being very gentle on fabrics.

LG’stop-loading washing machines also include the Jet Spray, which reduces waterusage throughout the course of the rinse cycle. Unlike LG’s conventionalrinsing where the entire tub is filled with water first, the Jet Spray spraysclean water from a valve at the top of the machine while the tub spins,extracting the dirty water. The innovative feature helps reduce water usage byan impressive 27.5 percent4 and allows LG’s top loaders to completea wash cycle up to 17.1 percent5 faster than a normal wash course6.

NewDesign with Touch Display

Eachtop loader comes with an advanced, Touch LED Display, which consumers can useto easily select and adjust washing settings, as though using a smartphone. Thehighly trendy Black Touch LED Display on LG’s washing machines is also completewith a simple and sleek design.

LG’stop-loading washing machines also offer innovative and aesthetically pleasingdesign features such as the Wide Diamond Glass – the washing machine’s temperedglass door – which not only has anti-scratch properties, but is also highlyresistant to shock. The Soft Closing Door also prevents the door from closingunexpectedly on the        consumer’sfingers while putting the laundry in and taking it out of the machine,       offering safety, convenience and noisereduction.

AdditionalFeatures for Convenience

Forenhanced consumer convenience, LG’s new top loaders offer bigger capacities,making it possible to wash the bulkiest of items including large sized duvetcovers, helping to reduce the frequency of washings as consumers can cleanlarger laundry loads in one cycle. Meanwhile, without the need for extra lintfilters, LG’s convenient and hygienic Auto Lint Clean System automaticallyhelps reduce lint from clothing and bedding; forcing it to the bottom of thewasher where it is expelled at the end of each cycle.

Furthermore, LG’s top-loading washers offer SmartDiagnosis™ which helps customer service representatives to conveniently andefficiently troubleshoot mechanical issues, thereby limiting costly andinconvenient service visits. Consumers can use the Smart Diagnosis™ througheither a smartphone or landline.

“We designed these new top-loaders with the consumers’needs in mind, making sure they provided greater hygiene and a biggercapacity,” said Mr. D.Y. Kim, President, LG Electronics Gulf FZE. “With worldleading technologies like the 6 Motion Direct Drive, LG will continue to leadthe global washing machine market and maintain its efforts to become the globalnumber one brand in the home appliance market.”

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1 As of July 18, 2013. Global Web Site

2 Types of bacteria removed for tub sterilization:Escherichia coil and Staphylococus aureus

3 Type of bacteria for test was Pseudomomas aeruginosa.When P. aeruginosa had been exposed to PP and STS, the decreasing rate for STSagainst PP was 94% after 12 days.

4 Tested by Korea Apparel Testing & ResearchInstitute. Test model: LG T4632V0Z

5 Tested by Korea Apparel Testing & ResearchInstitute. Test model: LG T4632V0Z

6 Test results from a comparison between a normalwash course and an eco wash course. Test model: LG T4632V0Z