Backed by over one hundred years of experience in tire making and armed with technology that combines security, longevity and comfort, Italy based Pirelli Tire, has established itself as one of the premium tirebrands. PIRELLI Tires are standard OE fitment on premium high performance passenger cars, sports cars and SUV’s.PIRELLI Tires are the official tires for Formula 1 and hence is synonymous with high performance.

Pirelli’s expertise that comes from designing and manufacturing Formula 1 tires is reflected in the motor vehicles, industrial vehicles and motorcycles applications as well.It is known for not just the performance but also for creating “feel for the road”. The company has a commercial network that covers over 160 countries.

Pirelli is synonymous with premium quality and OTE is proud to offer its customers who seek high-end solutions, the wide range of Pirelli tires in Oman.