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The range of tires offered at OTE allows the customers to pick and choose from various brands that offer safety and value for money. Vehicles in each segment are built differently and for diverse terrains and levels of challenges, hence it is highly important that the tires compliment the utility by providing the necessary stability with its superior design.


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The passenger car tire variants meet all customer requirements and combines ultra-high performance technology that support speed and comfortable driving. The brands under OTE offer value for money tires as well as high-end alternatives and deliver the customers the tires that perfectly complement their driving styles and needs.

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The SUV segment demands for tires that are high on performance and aesthetically appealing. OTE carries an entire range of SUV tires, designed to meet and go beyond the customer expectations.

Trucks are vehicles that rely heavily on tires. It is highly important for the tires to be reliable and have the ability to withstand the load. OTE presents its customers with replacement tires as well as upgraded versions to support superior all-round performance. Tires are also available to suit changing weather conditions.

OTE carries a range of tires that are specifically designed for off road applications. These tires are apt for Oman as there are plenty of off-roading opportunities available due to the country’s diverse and rugged terrains. The performance of these specially designed tires meets the traditional requirements of off-road vehicles and ensures versatility, comfort, reliability and safety.

OTE also caters to the tire related requirements of Special Purpose Vehicles for specific applications. Our sales team shall gladly assist you in selecting the most suitable tire from our range that meets your specific requirement. Our quick order-to-delivery system shall ensure that your requirement is met in the fastest possible time.