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Stay cool with ACDelco Shield - Premium, US-sourced window films

Summer months are when motorists and drivers rely heavily on the comfort of air conditioning to cool down their vehicles. However, as temperatures are soaring outside, ACDelco Shield can help block out the solar energy from the vehicle cabin, while maximizing the driving experience and comfort of drivers.

ACDelco Shield is US-manufactured, and leads the way in the automotive industry with its pioneering design and technologies for window films for automotive applications.

Whether clear or tinted, ACDelco Shield provides drivers with a variety of benefits for a pleasant drive. The window films help to decrease the temperature inside the vehicle, reducing the need for air conditioning and mitigating sun glare. With a superior ability to block UV rays, ACDelco Shield provides a long-term benefit to vehicle owners, protecting the interior which in turn helps to maintain the vehicle’s value.

Car Owners in the Oman can choose from a portfolio of ACDelco Shield window films with tinting levels ranging from zero to 30 percent, in addition to giving them the option to mix and match products whilst accessorizing their vehicle to achieve their desired look.

ACDelco Shield window films are of superior quality and are scratch resistant, signal safe for all kinds of electronic signals and also rejects up to 99% of UV light.

With a five-year warranty, ACDelco Shield provides peace of mind to motorists who could also benefit from the brand’s unparalleled performance and competitive price.

ACDelco Shield window films are available at very attractive prices starting from RO 50 and have been installed over 2000 cars in Oman. Also, installation can be done within 2 hours and by factory trained professionals.

OTE Group is the wholesale distributor for ACDelco Shield window films in Oman. For more details or to book appointments, please call 800 50004 (toll free)