Automotive Genuine Parts

OTE presents a wide array of Genuine Parts for all the brands that it exclusively represents in Oman. These genuine parts meet the exact technical specifications, as per OEM Standard.  Hence these parts offer superior quality, safety, reliability and optimum performance to the vehicles.  OTE Group has a wide network of Part Centers across Oman with nearly 98 % availability. All the parts centers are connected and accessed on real time basis and usage of web based electronic catalogues ensures quick and efficient service to the customers. The parts dept has an integrated logistics system facilitating daily dispatch of spare parts /Batteries /Lubes to their wide spread part centres /Dealers ensuring total customer satisfaction.  The following table illustrates the benefits of using Genuine Parts over Non-Genuine or Fake Parts.  We at OTE Group recommend 100 % use of Genuine Parts for your vehicle.

Genuine Parts Non-Genuine Part
Safe Low on Safety
Durable Shorter Life
Value for Money Waste of Money
Reliable Not Reliable
Lower Cost of Running Higher Cost of Running