Ssangyonghas unveiled two concepts, XIV-Air and XIV-Adventure at the recentlyconcluded Paris Motor Show, prior to its international launch. XIV isexpected to go on sale in Korea from early 2015 and other globalmarkets soon afterwards.

Basedon the brand’s design philosophy of ‘Robust, Speciality, andPremium’ and intended to create a close and emotive connection withowners, this B-segment SUV will become one of SsangYong’s mostsignificant strategic models.

TheXIV-Air and XIV-Adventure are equipped with several recenttechnologies including a Stop/Start fuel saving system and three modesmart steering with electric power assistance, in addition to anall-wheel drive (AWD) system which SsangYong offers on all its SUVmodels.

And tomeet the most stringent environmental legislation and fuel efficiencyrequirements across the globe, XIV comes with a choice of 1.6 litrepetrol and 1.6 diesel Euro 6 engines to ensure low CO² emissions.

Thedesign of XIV-Air and XIV-Adventure has been inspired by theassociation of the power and dynamism of nature, and SsangYong’snew design philosophy, ‘Nature born - 3 Motion’ - the centraltheme of the brand’s vehicle design language.

Themarque’s design philosophy embraces the dignified, dynamic andrhythmical qualities of nature, while enriching the customerexperience through the harmony of man, nature and the car. A slim,wide grille, headlights built into the structural design, and arugged tailgate completes the SUV style of the XIV-Adventure whileclosely echoing the SsangYong ‘look’.

Inspiredby the anticipation and excitement of the journey, XIV-Adventureembraces the escape from the routines and frustrations of urban life,leaving the crowded streets and skyscrapers behind while travellingaway to new beginnings and possibilities. With such design cues as aheavy-duty bumper protector, purposeful roof rack and search light,the car evokes happy memories of escaping to the country and campingout in the wild surrounded by nature.

Inside,the XIV-Air pursues an emotional design language inspired by theeffect of a cool and silky breeze. The shape of a bird’s wings inflight and two-tone colourway of white and a dark blue creates thesense of inner space and a sporty, stylish ambiance, while the metalcentral fascia highlights the car’s futuristic design.

Theinterior fully embraces the importance of easy-to-use controls anddevices, and integrates the very latest IT to ensure the bestpossible interface with users.

Safetyhas been a key priority throughout the design stages of the new XIV,with passengers at the centre of consideration. To this end, XIV isequipped with a host of advanced safety features such as 7 airbags,ESP (electronic stability programme), Hill Start Assist system, anEmergency Stop Signal system helps prevent collisions by warningfollowing vehicles when braking hard.

Withits high riding, good visibility, go-anywhere ability and an array ofcomfort features such as digital-dual zone automatic air conditioningsystem, MP3 audio system, USB/AUX port, Bluetooth hands-free, LCDdisplays, rear view camera, remote keyless entry system etc., XIVoffers occupants all the advantages of an SUV with the comforts andconvenience of a saloon car.

Thisyear SsangYong Motor is celebrating its 60thanniversary of foundation. As a premier manufacturer in Korea'sautomotive industry, SsangYong is respected for its qualityengineering, advanced styling and outstanding performance, since itsfoundation in 1954. SsangYong is constantly expanding its presence inthe world market. Currently Ssangyong exports its SUVs to over 100countries across the globe.

CurrentSsangYong model line-up in Oman are: Korando – a Classy UtilityVehicle - with an elegant design that further accentuates itsultimate beauty, Rexton – a full size SUV with ruggedness made overin a modern, sophisticated style. Actyon Sports -a SUT (SportsUtility Truck), well equipped to boost your performance at work andat play!

OTEGroup is the exclusive distributor for Ssangyong range of vehicles inOman. With a nationwide network of sales and aftersales outlets, OTEGroup ensures that their customers are never far from getting a highquality after-sales service. For more details please call 800-77007.

Chevrolet Sells 3 Millionth Cruze

Chevrolet Sells 3 Millionth Cruze

Global compact car is brand’s best-selling nameplate

Eleven plants. One-hundred and eighteen countries. Eighty-eight awards. And now, 3 million sales for the Chevrolet Cruze.

The best-selling Chevrolet model crossed the milestone recently, just 16 months after selling its 2 millionth model. From the U.S. and Canada, to Laos and the Philippines, to UAE and Jordan, the Cruze has proved itself a global player among small cars.

“The Cruze is an extremely adaptable car that can cater to the demands of nearly every market in the world,” said Alan Batey, GM executive vice president of Global Chevrolet. “It is a testimony to Chevrolet’s global focus and capabilities to offer a car that is so highly regarded in so many places.”

The Cruze has collected 39 product awards in China, 27 in the U.S. and 12 in Brazil. Chevrolet is committed to building product in the markets they are sold, so the Cruze is built in 11 different countries on five continents. GM design teams in South Korea and Germany had the global consumer in mind when developing the car in just 27 months in the late 2000s before debuting in South Korea in November of 2008.

 The Cruze endured intensive durability testing, including extreme weather tests and more than 210 crash tests tailored to the regulatory demands of the countries where it is sold.  

 For the Middle East market, the 2015 Cruze features enhanced connectivity with the easy-to-use Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system and upgraded safety features such as Side Blind Zone Alert. It also provides Chevrolet Care aftersales service, which ensures hassle-free service and the lowest maintenance cost in the compact car segment.

 According to recent research, Cruze’s cost of maintenance for up to 100,000 km is @ 3.98 baiza per km. Cruze also requires less upkeep than other models in its segment. The manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance interval for the Cruze is once every 10,000 km versus once every 5,000 km for most of its competitors. This means fewer visits for service, more time for driving pleasure and more money to spend on the pleasures of life. 

 The service price of the Cruze is not only competitive, it is also consistent and transparent. Pricing information is available at dealerships and online at, enabling owners to check the cost of service in advance.

 Chevrolet Cruze comes with a 1.8-litre engine and is coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission, delivering responsive performance with 140 hp at 6,300 rpm and peak torque of 175 Nm at 3,800 rpm,  In terms of power output-per-liter, this engine is among the most efficient in the market.  

 Cruze is not only loaded with a lengthy roster of features such as leather seats, rear view cameras & sensors, smart entry, push button start etc., but also features a host of standard active and passive safety features.

 OTE Group is the exclusive dealer for Chevrolet in Oman with 13 showrooms spread across the Sultanate and offering excellent after-sales service support at par with global standards, with a nationwide service network. Please call 800-77007, for more details.


J.D. Power recently presented three Hyundai vehicles - 2014 Genesis, 2014 Elantra and 2014Accent - their highest award for initialquality in their respective segments. Hyundai ranked fourth overall ininitial quality, climbing six spots from last year, and was the highest ranked non-premium brand. In total, Hyundai hadsix vehicles in the Top Three positions in their segments, including twosecond place finishes for Santa Fe and Sonata and a third place finish for Equus. Thisyear’s results mark the third time Hyundai has been the highest ranked non-premium brand in the past 10 years,and the third time it finished among the Top Four brands overall.

The award comes from the J.D. Power2014 U.S. Initial Quality StudySM (IQS). Now in its 28th consecutive year,IQS is the industry benchmark for newvehiclequality, measured at 90 days of ownership.


The IQS serves as the industrybenchmark for new vehicle qualityand has proven to be an excellent predictor of long term reliability, which maysignificantly impact new vehicle purchasedecisions. The focus of the study is modellevelperformance and comparison of individual models to similar models in respectivesegments, which helps manufacturers worldwide to design and produce higher quality vehicles.


Inaddition to victories in three vehicle segments, the Hyundai brandsubstantially reduced problems per 100 vehicles and finished fourth overall,gaining six rank positions compared with 2013. The Hyundai overall score was 94problems per 100 vehicles, 12 fewer than last year and 22 fewer problems thanthe industry average which actually deteriorated three problems per 100compared with 2013. Also, Genesis scored backto back segment while Accent, with a mere65 problems per100, was the second highestperforming vehicle in the study.

Hyundai as a brand has made significantstrides on the back of sophisticated product design, quality, safety technologyand exceptional value. Hyundai has not only becomeone of the top automotive brands in the world but also has overtaken somerenowned brands in quality. One has to test drive and discover what millions ofsatisfied Hyundai owners already experience and enjoy – Hyundai stands foruncompromising quality.

With this remarkable achievement, Hyundai is moving closer toits ambition of becoming the ‘most-loved automotive brand’.

Hyundai has a strong presence in the passenger vehiclescategory in Oman with its wide range of Sedans and SUVs each in various trimvariants. Hyundai sedanrange in Oman include: Accent, Elantra, Sonata & Azera, apart from thetrendy Veloster.  i10, i20, i30, i40 formthe cutting edge ‘i’ series range designed to meet global customer needs.Hyundai SUV range - Tucson, Santa Fe & Veracruz are definitely the pick ofthe lot. Centennial and Genesis in the luxury car segment have been wellreceived and are going forward from strength to strength.

OTEGroup is the exclusive dealer of Hyundai’s range of vehicles in Oman. With anationwide network of showrooms and service centers, OTE Group ensures thatHyundai customers are never far from getting a wide range of high qualityafter-sales service. For more details please contact 800-77007
Subaru cars are easy to own this Ramadan!

This ramadan, Subaru carsare easy to own with a galaxy of promotional offers. Customers buying a Subarucan choose between a flat interest rate of 2.99 % p.a with finance for upto 6years or get cash as gift upto Rial 1100 and gifts such as 10 grams coin, Rial50 worth of gift voucher from LULU etc., based on the model selected.  Exact details of the promotion can be checkedout at any of the Subaru showrooms closer to you. This is indeed the best timeto own a Subaru!


Subaru believes thatautomobiles should be more than just a means of transportation – they shouldalso be a source of enjoyment, and enjoyment comes from peace of mind. Thesetwo inseparable values are central to the Subaru experience.


With SymmetricalAll-Wheel Drive and cargo-carrying versatility, Subaru gives the capability foradventure, no matter the day or destination. Subaru has always been committed toproviding ‘driving enjoyment’.


To give each and everySubaru passenger comfort and enjoyment on the road, a range of proprietarytechnologies have been developed and fine-tuned, including theHorizontally-Opposed Engine and symmetrical AWD platform.


Equipped with uniqueSUBARU BOXER® engine on all models and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, the Subaruproduct line is renowned for durability, reliability, traction and ‘activesafety’.


‘Enjoyment and Peace ofMind’ through the Subaru experience, its brand statement ‘Confidence in Motion”at the foundation. ‘Enjoyment and Peace of Mind’ is not possible without thecrucial element of ‘safety’. Subaru continues to pursue all-around safety bycontinuing to advance its active, passive and pre-crash safety technologies.


Subaru has been highlypraised for its renowned safety performance in the world. While remaining centeredupon the unique engines and the Symmetrical AWD, safety-conscious bodies ofSubaru vehicles have been made with high rigidity and less weight, and thesuspension technology utilized has matured over many years. The agile yetstable performance and inherent safety achieved by the Symmetrical AWD isespecially evident during high-speed even when driving in rain and in thevehicle’s linear response when cornering.


Subaru’s ‘Ring-ShapedReinforcement Frames’ are part of a body construction in which the pillars andthe side frame are interconnected to form rings that protect againstdeformation during a crash and create survival area inside the cabin. The lowheight of the Subaru BOXER engine allows the engine to slide safely beneath thefloor in the event of a frontal collision, making the front end of the car a ‘crushablezone’ that effectively absorbs the impact of the collision. Subaru technologyis common throughout all Subaru vehicles. This is the basic philosophy of afreedom of movement,  with comfort andsafety, that provides ‘driving pleasure supported by a high level of overallsafety performance’. Subaru attains this by improving the basic performance ofeach vehicle.


Subaru now has sixmodels that have earned 2014 safety awards from IIHS – three with TOP SAFETYPICK and three with TOP SAFETY PICK+ including its Legacy sedan and Outbackmodels. Subaru has more 2014 IIHS Top Safety Picks than any other brand.


OTE Group is the exclusive dealer for Subaru in Oman, witha model line-up that include, Impreza, XV, WRX, WRX-STI, Outback, Forester& Legacy models.  OTE Group has anationwide net work of sales & service outlets offering excellent sales& after-sales service support. For more details on the current promotion pleasecall 800-77007.
All New Ssangyong Rodius – 9 Seater SUV launched in Oman

All NewSsangyong Rodius – 9 Seater SUV, was launched in Oman by OTE Group recently. Thispractical SUV has been developed to provide the flexibility of a recreationalvehicle, the styling of a sports utility vehicle (SUV) and the ride comfort of a luxury saloon. It is also designed with largefamilies in mind and suitable for family, leisure and business travel.

The Rodius ispowered by an SV320 engine offering maximum power of 220 ps/6,100 rpm and maximumtorque of 31.08 kg-m/4,600 rpm to provide low end torque whatever theconditions on or off road.

Themulti-link rear suspension offers a quiet driving environment yet with firmbody motion control. It also helps ensure stability regardless of the roadconditions by allowing independent movement of the wheels. State-of-the-artsafety technology such as ESP (Electronic Stability Program), ARP (Active Rollover Protection), Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and dual front airbags areincluded for high levels of safety.

The moderninterior reflects the added refinement in the car’s interior. Features such asEco cruise control, MP3 CD Player audio system, Bluetooth hands-free, audiocontrol switches on steering wheel, Electric folding rear side view mirrors enhancethe overall driving convenience.

The Rodius offersgreater level of comfort and a smooth and elegant driving experience, be itin-city or off-road, thanks to its four-wheel drive technology.

Given its3,000 mm wheelbase with interior space ample for 9 seats, the Rodius can besuitable not just for business purposes but also for camping and familydriving.

Ssangyongis respected for its quality engineering, advanced styling and outstandingperformance, since its foundation in 1954. SsangYong is constantly expandingits presence in the world market. Currently Ssangyong exports its SUVs to over100 countries across the globe.

SsangYongmodel line-up in Oman will include: Korando – a Classy Utility Vehicle - withan elegant design that further accentuates its ultimate beauty, Rexton – a fullsize SUV with ruggedness made over in a modern, sophisticated style. ActyonSports - a SUT (Sports Utility Truck) well equipped to boost your performanceat work and at play!

Korando isthe longest surviving SUV brand in Korea. All New Korando is anenvironment–friendly, spacious family car with excellent 4WD performance.Korando comes with a 2 Liter eXGi engine coupled with 6speed auto transmission andis the first ever front wheel drive monocoque type SUV made by Ssangyong.  

Rexton is equipped with a 3.2 Liter 6 cylinder inline gasoline enginecoupled with a 5-speed
e-Tronic automatic transmission developed with focus on customer needs andmodern & luxurious styling. Rexton boasts of a superior on and off-road drivingperformance and a capacity to accommodate 7persons comfortably.  

Actyon Sports is a SUT(Pickup outside and Car Inside), whichcan be used for a wide range of leisure and outdoor activities, in addition toits carrying up to 5 passengers in comfort. Actyon Sports,equipped with the 2.3 Liter, 4 cylinder gasoline engine coupled with a 5 speedmanual transmission, can be flaunted for its style and is also acompletely reliable when taken for an adventure ride on the roughest roads. Actyon’s cargo body is a generous and allows ample space of 2.04sq. metres deck size to pile in all that’s needed.

OTE Group isthe exclusive distributor for Ssangyong range of vehicles in Oman. With anationwide network of sales and aftersales outlets, OTE Group ensures theircustomers are never far from getting a wide range of high quality after-salesservice. For more details please call 800-77007.