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Subaru cars are easy to own this Ramadan!

This ramadan, Subaru carsare easy to own with a galaxy of promotional offers. Customers buying a Subarucan choose between a flat interest rate of 2.99 % p.a with finance for upto 6years or get cash as gift upto Rial 1100 and gifts such as 10 grams coin, Rial50 worth of gift voucher from LULU etc., based on the model selected.  Exact details of the promotion can be checkedout at any of the Subaru showrooms closer to you. This is indeed the best timeto own a Subaru!


Subaru believes thatautomobiles should be more than just a means of transportation – they shouldalso be a source of enjoyment, and enjoyment comes from peace of mind. Thesetwo inseparable values are central to the Subaru experience.


With SymmetricalAll-Wheel Drive and cargo-carrying versatility, Subaru gives the capability foradventure, no matter the day or destination. Subaru has always been committed toproviding ‘driving enjoyment’.


To give each and everySubaru passenger comfort and enjoyment on the road, a range of proprietarytechnologies have been developed and fine-tuned, including theHorizontally-Opposed Engine and symmetrical AWD platform.


Equipped with uniqueSUBARU BOXER® engine on all models and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, the Subaruproduct line is renowned for durability, reliability, traction and ‘activesafety’.


‘Enjoyment and Peace ofMind’ through the Subaru experience, its brand statement ‘Confidence in Motion”at the foundation. ‘Enjoyment and Peace of Mind’ is not possible without thecrucial element of ‘safety’. Subaru continues to pursue all-around safety bycontinuing to advance its active, passive and pre-crash safety technologies.


Subaru has been highlypraised for its renowned safety performance in the world. While remaining centeredupon the unique engines and the Symmetrical AWD, safety-conscious bodies ofSubaru vehicles have been made with high rigidity and less weight, and thesuspension technology utilized has matured over many years. The agile yetstable performance and inherent safety achieved by the Symmetrical AWD isespecially evident during high-speed even when driving in rain and in thevehicle’s linear response when cornering.


Subaru’s ‘Ring-ShapedReinforcement Frames’ are part of a body construction in which the pillars andthe side frame are interconnected to form rings that protect againstdeformation during a crash and create survival area inside the cabin. The lowheight of the Subaru BOXER engine allows the engine to slide safely beneath thefloor in the event of a frontal collision, making the front end of the car a ‘crushablezone’ that effectively absorbs the impact of the collision. Subaru technologyis common throughout all Subaru vehicles. This is the basic philosophy of afreedom of movement,  with comfort andsafety, that provides ‘driving pleasure supported by a high level of overallsafety performance’. Subaru attains this by improving the basic performance ofeach vehicle.


Subaru now has sixmodels that have earned 2014 safety awards from IIHS – three with TOP SAFETYPICK and three with TOP SAFETY PICK+ including its Legacy sedan and Outbackmodels. Subaru has more 2014 IIHS Top Safety Picks than any other brand.


OTE Group is the exclusive dealer for Subaru in Oman, witha model line-up that include, Impreza, XV, WRX, WRX-STI, Outback, Forester& Legacy models.  OTE Group has anationwide net work of sales & service outlets offering excellent sales& after-sales service support. For more details on the current promotion pleasecall 800-77007.