OTE believes that Omanisation is the future and growth of business demands Omanisation. We also believe, that our human resources are the most valuable and productive assets, be it the nationals or expat employees. Over the years OTE Group has steadily developed its national talent with a view to ensure that employees are groomed to take up major business responsibilities and spearhead the growth of OTE Group in the years to come.

Our multi-pronged approach to Omanisation is based on the following philosophy:-

  • Any national candidate who has a desire to grow or an attitude to take up responsibility or willingness to take care of OTEs business as his/her own business, is welcome to join, irrespective of his/her skill sets.
  • We will put in efforts to groom and build their skills over a period of time.
  • Skill building and talent development is a continuous an on-going process and towards that objective, we have initiated various steps, starting with developing basic skills through our training arm- Technical and Administrative Training Institute (TATI), then developing functional skills, developing English language skills and developing behavioural skills of each employee for furthering our objective of growth and customer satisfaction.
  • Our attention is also focused on retention of talent from our existing national employees, this we do by communicating and engaging with them on the career path which we have in mind for them and how the organisation is supporting them in achieving the same.

Additionally, to substantiate our belief in Omanisation, we have over the last five years diversified our approach to Omanisation and started various initiatives be it in terms of employee friendly working hours, attendance incentives, English training being imparted during working hours and understanding certain specific need of each Omani employee and addressing it to the extent possible, so as to make OTE a preferred Omani employer.

We too experience the challenges of Omanisation as experienced by any private sector company in the market, but we believe in our processes, our people and our commitment to the development of Omani employees and this has helped us retain many a talented Omani employees who had better /lucrative opportunities available to them.

At OTE we sincerely believes that the road to achieve the Omanisation vision is difficult, but not impossible. We believe that His Majesty’s vision of Omanisation can be achieved if we build the bridge of trust and comfort with each Omani candidate willing to work for OTE Group.